Rhythm Rap (Original)

This is a rap verse I wrote to show what some commonly used rhythms look like in context. I go from quarter notes up to 32nd notes and back down over a dancehall inspired beat by Tenderly Music.


Quart er notes are so ea-sy You put one note on ev-ery beat

Next is eighth notes just like that we split the quart er note in half I Put two notes in every beat but oh just wait till we get fast.

Next is the Triplet some people say tri-pa-let put-in three notes in a beat just like this. I’m gonna Put my accents into groups of two but change it back and the triplet still hits.

Now we finna Get into a duple again and we comin through ya sixteenths are what I be doin countin 1 e and a 2 e and a chop it up how Ever you Like it I’m Tellin you Don’t try to Fight it, cause this is a rhythm you gotta know.

Rappin a tripalet like I’m the Migos, accurate like it be measured in Kilos Comin and showin the people you killin the subdivision like somebody messed with Al Pachino Doin sixtuplets I’m takin a trip-a-let hit’n em double speed and you might wanna go ahead and buckle up cause of the thirty-second notes so ok now here we go.

Say you wanna hear another rhythm I can do it every day and you can see me at the pinnacle I will never lose you know I gotta be the one to take it all over the world I’m always gonna be the champion. Like the sun I shine for fun and Im gonna kill it every day until the day is done I work on my music don’t guess it I choose it I work things out, got a lot of clout This right here is what I am all about, elevated from the floor up Now I taught you something I’mma go get me a donut.

Go read some music I bet you this shows up like BAD MAN FORWARD BAD MAN PULL UP!

Author: Michael Saddekni

Saxophone player and instructor

One thought on “Rhythm Rap (Original)”

  1. Awesome!!
    And very helpful for folks like me who don’t particularly relate to rap..when explained as relating to music .makes sense.. You are a rapper extraordinaire

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